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Budgets are confusing. But, everyone should be able to participate in the city and county budget process. We believe that is the only way to guarantee that our tax dollars benefit our communities. Below are some charts and graphs with category explanations that we hope will help shed some light on the current budgets. We will be updating this as we continue to research and analyze.

First, here is a snapshot of the 2020-2021 proposed Shasta County budget:

More information about each budget unit represented above and what they contain: 

$ 159,004,602.00 – Public Assistance (32.6%): Social services administration, health and human services, opportunity center, housing authority, community action agency, rehab, IHSS public authority adminsitration.

$ 117,687,755.00 – Public Protection (24.1%): Trial courts, public defender, grand jury, district attorney, sheriff, child support services, jail, juvenile hall, probation, coroner, dispatch, public gaurdian, animal control.

$ 92,813,004.00 – Health & Sanitation (19%): Environmental health, mental health services, public health, Shasta county health care, children’s services, alcohol and drug programs, perinatal programs.

$ 62,832,805.00 – General (12.9%): General revenue fund, Board of Supervisors, County adminstrative positions, election administration, economic development.

$ 25,194,963.00 – Capital Projects (5.2%): Land and building improvements, juvenile hall facility, 2020 energy retrofit project.

$ 24,927,071.00 – Public Ways & Facilities (5.1%): Roads.

$ 2,959,549.00 – Debt Service (less than 1%)

$ 1,899,498.00  Education (less than 1%)Library administration.

$ 222,521.00 Recreation (less than 1%)Recreation and partk development, veterans halls.

$ 9,266.00 General Promotion (less than 1%): Intermountain fair promotion.

However, let’s take a closer look at the “general” unit. This fund is where our tax dollars go. You can see that it comprises 12.9% of the total budget. 

As mentioned above, the “General” unit is funded primarily (87%) by our tax dollars. Most of those funds (our tax dollars) are transferred to other budget units. The largest contribution of General unit dollars ($24.890 million) is to the Public Safety group consisting of Sheriff operations, the District Attorney, and Probation services. See where the other General fund transfers occur below:

Shasta County General Fund Sources:

Next, let’s look at the City of Redding Biennial Budget 2020-2021:

City of Redding General Fund:

More information about each General Fund budget unit represented above and what they contain: 

$ 31,500,000 – Police (37.9%)

$ 21,800,000 – Fire (26.2%)

$ 8,900,000 – Public Works (10.7%): Streets, parking transportation planning, solid waste utility.

$ 6,000,000 – Community Services (7.2%): Parks, recreation. 

$ 5,500,000 – General Government (6.6%)

$ 4,500,000 – Development Services (5.4%): Permit center, building & code enforcement, planning, land development.

$ 3,000,000 – Debt Services (3.6%)

$ 1,900,000 – Other (2.3%)

Special Funds (not represented in chart):

$2,351,590 – Library

$1,258,530 – Civic Auditorium

City of Redding General Fund Sources

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